Saturday, 21 April 2012

Spring Update!

Well, since the Jubilee Trail in Dorset last month, things have been pretty quiet on the competition front. We were going to do Lulworth Castle in Dorset on 15th April, but it was sadly cancelled. Work has been mad, but still trying to get out on Merl as much as possible. He is living out full time now and it has had 2 effects: Firsty, he is less stiff and his paces seem to have really come on, but then that maybe the improvement in strength through the extra miles also, plus the good work done by his McTimoney Practitioner earlier in the year has done him the world of good...thanks Grace!! Secondly, he has gone quite mad on the spring grass!! We have had napping outbreaks, super spooks and 'airs above the ground' whilst out hacking....the sticky in my sticky-bums jods has been seriously challenged!!

So, May is rather busy, with our attending the Abbotts Ann Sponsored ride near Andover, Hampshire on 7th May, and another 10 mile ride on 26th May in Collingbourne Woods just 20 mins away in Guinevere. Its nice to get out in an atmoshpere and challenge ourselves over new terrain, good practice for our next big ride in June, Three Rivers!! This ride has its own website within Endurance GB and is located near Rockbourne, Salisbury. We are doing a Competitive Ride at 32kms, really hoping for a good completion to go in his logbook. My friends from Dorset sadly cannot make this one so we are going it alone, which is a little scary as we haven't gone out alone since Stoney Cross in February and that didn't go so well.....still, positive thought!! We have done loads together since then, and tomorrow we are having a flatwork lesson with a dreassge instructor to help with our schooling and strength, so watch this space.....


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