Friday, 17 February 2012

First Ride Eve

Tis' the day before lift off! Finally got ride information through, am i alone in thinking that 3 days before the ride is leaving it a little late? This afternoon will be used for fuelling up the lorry, packing water etc into the box, grooming Merlin to within an inch of his life, sorting tack and cleaning it, working out what i am going to wear (God knows....) and getting a weather forecast so that i can pack rugs etc if i need to. My friend Mairi-Claire is coming in the box with me and together we are meeting PH at the venue, they are to be my 'crew.' Exciting stuff!!

GB is having a lovely day with Granny tomorrow, he has been most laid back about my return to work this week, at home with daddy and getting to know his new nanny and her little boy; they are going to get into so much mischief together! GB is in great hands tomorrow so no need to worry (though i still will, of course).

Did a dry run with the box last weekend, loaded Merl up and took him out for a spin to get him used to it, and more importantly perhaps, me used to driving the box with precious cargo in it! We did ok....i think my max speed was 18mph, so may take a long time to get to the venue tomorrow.....i have allowed 2 hours for a 50 minute trip! Watch this space.........


  1. Found your blog via haynet - you've really left us hanging!! What happened? Are you ok?

  2. Sorry its been so long for the update, please read on!!