Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nerves....and dodgy weather

Our first event is next weekend in the New Forset and i think that we are about as ready as we can be, bearing in the mind that the weather has stopped play a little over the last week. Merlin lives on a windy hillside in Wiltshire and the temperature is always a couple of degrees colder there with added windchill factor, plus seems to hang onto snow and ice a little longer! We got out for a fun, if bracing hack on Saturday and did lots of working trot uphill which Merlin coped with wonderfuly. Lats nights schooling session was dreamlike - since having his back and withers worked on he seems so much more comfortable, his tail is loose and swinging and he is searching down for the bit again, am so pleased!

A little worried with Endurance Mid-South's admin, still no ride information sent out despite it being next week, have no idea where to go or when i start and doubt i am the only one in this position. Hopefully something will arrive in the post today, it has put me off wanting to compete in the series this year, need to know where we stand. In contrast, i have entered us in the Wessex Jubilee Trail ride in Dorset for next month and was immediately given ride confirmation! Hmmmmm.....

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