Tuesday, 31 January 2012

3 weeks and counting

Its 3 weeks until our first event so starting to work through a mental checklist of things to get prepared. Drove the lorry back from the New Forest the other day and it seems to be driving much better and the brakes even work, which is a bonus! I am going to put Merlin up on it for a look this weekend and probably take him out for a little ride to get him used to it.

Merlin had his back therapy session from Grace Maxwell, a McTimoney Practitioner from lovely Ireland. She spent ages with him and took a very detalied history before putting him through his paces and getting to work. No serious problems were found, but she did go straight to a sore bit where the new saddle hadn't agreed with him, as suspected. She also did some re-alignment work around his withers and showed me some stretches i could do myself to help him along. He was given a clean bill of health and will be visited again in 6 months for another check as it will be the middle of the season. I was advised to get a fitter to look at his saddle for possible reflocking which i will get onto right away; it fits weel but Merlin has matured and changed shape so makes sense. I recommend anybody approaching the coming season to have a practiotioner look at their horses back as i have done, we ask alot of our friends and they carry us for many miles, makes sense to be sure that they are comfy.

If you live in the Wiltshire/West Hampshire area then i thouroughly recommend Grace Maxwell, she is a fountain of useful knowledge and gifted with the horses, her website is www.maxwellequinetherapy.com........

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