Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Well, last night was pretty darned cold and spooky when i got down to see Merlin, who was already in and munching his haylage. I met my eventing friend there and she took me and Merl through a series of stretches that she had been shown by her horses physio. The stretches included neck and back exercises designed to improve suppleness and Merlin responded really well to them. I followed up with some loose lungeing in the arena; Merlin is so funny, he just trots and canters around like he is still on the lunge! My eventing friend watched on for a while before wandering away muttering something like 'bloody circus horse.....' under her breath, he he! Tonight's plan is to begin teaching Merlin to neck rein. I have recently read an endurance book that suggests teaching your horse this make things easier if you have to ride one-handed, and it involves teaching the horse to move away from rein pressure on his neck as opposed to moving in response to pressure on the bit and leg aids......i will try to get some pics....

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