Thursday, 26 January 2012

Progress.....nearly February!

Well, its been a busy week. Received news that the box is all repaired and i can go and collect it as well as relieving myself of £800....nice. Still, won't be much of a contender in rides if we can't even get there, so will be glad to have 'Guinevere' home.

Merlin seems to have had a leap forward in the fitness stakes. Went out for 1 1/2 hour hill session on Sunday and he was fab, really lively and a bit naughty/joggy, but in a nice way, just feeling good in himself and telling me 'mum, this is easy peasy! Find me a bigger hill!' He had a day off the next day and then a schooling session that went ok and a hard lunge session last night with lots of trot/canter. He aced it last night and wasn't even breathing hard despite me holding him out there for 15 minutes of fast work each side. He can have tonight off as i am off to see 'Warhorse' with PH, but he will be back out there with 3 solid days of long slow work/hills/faster hack on Sunday.

Merlin has the physio on Saturday; turns out the work he did in the Torsion ssaddle didn't do him any favours, as i suspected, and he is a little sore and tight behind the shoulders in my opinion. Coincides with where the stirrups would have sat so makes sense. I am sure Grace will work her magic!!

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