Monday, 16 January 2012

Well, the last few weeks since Christmas have been a little dramatic to say the least. I bought a 3.5tn lorry so that me and Merl can go out and about to rides on our own this season, as there are surprisingly few takers down the yard that want to ride solidly for 30km.....why i ask?? Ha! Anyway, i was probably asking for trouble, 'Guinevere' is only 5 years younger than me, leant a bit to one side and was so slow on the drive home from Devon that i thought i would actually miss New Year (its was Dec 27th when i went to pick her up). Before putting brave Merl on the box i decided to have the lorry looked at by a mechanic.....NOT good news.....i was advised to scrap it and i could feel my dreams slipping away. I do not have my B + E licence, the training and test is so expensive, plus a new trailer, tow bar for our elderly estate, that frankly has enough to deal with as it is without attatching a half ton horse to it....well, despair crept in. Much soul searching with the hubby that night.....we decided to seek a second opinion from a specialist in, ahem, 'older' horseboxes. The next day i found myself driving Guinevere down to the New Forset for a final supper, i mean evaluation. Good news!! She can be fixed! Current status, she is still there (And will be for a while methinks) being completely revamped by a genius with a passion for all things old and rusty......brilliant! Back on target for our first ride!

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