Tuesday, 17 January 2012


My God, it was cold doing Merlin this morning! I am still on leave before returning to work next month, so i am up and off to the stables to let Merl out then back to walk dogs before hubby has to go to work..in exchange he gets Gorgeous Baby (GB) up and breakfast-ed (there will be brand new shiny words throughout this blog!) and does the hoovering etc...its a dream team!! Merlin went out just as a beautiful dawn was spreading its orangey-red fingers across Salisbury Plain, made breaking the ice on his water trough with my bare hands almost poetic.....

I am lucky enough to have the support of  the lovely yard staff to assist with Merlin's livery when i go back to work. I do all his chores in the morning and then he is brought in for me and rug-changed/fed in the afternoon for a small fee. It means there is no mad rush in the evening when i will be picking GB up from the childminder and i can go back in the evenings and train with Merl under the floodlights. But seriously!! How slowly does January go?? I have amused myself in the evenings this week by organising my rides for this season by month, the first of which is 18th February and is in the New Forset, organised by the Mid-South endurance group. It is known as the Silver Gambler series and is an introduction to endurance for both members and non-members of EGB. Me and Merlin are aiming at the 30km ride and posting off the entry today. Please God let the lorry be back in time!!! Tonight is a lunging night for Merl, 40mins, 20 mins each side of which 15 mins will be in trot. No trappings or sidereins as i am trying to get his head carriage more relaxed and a nice free striding trot to develop. Afterwards will be muscle stretches shown to me by an eventing friend and then he will be wrapped up warm with his haynet for the night.

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